Dear Spon­so­ring Partners

It is not yet known when the situa­tion regar­ding events will change in Swit­zer­land, and whe­ther par­ti­ci­pants will be allo­wed on-site in June 2021.

The Offi­cial requi­re­ments set the pace and flexi­bi­li­ty is nee­ded from all sides.

We are aware that the Event on-site can­not be total­ly repla­ced by an online Congress.

Never­the­less,  you can use the online plat­form to present your com­pa­ny to gyne­co­lo­gists from all over Switzerland.

Please sup­port gyné­co­lo­gie suisse in hol­ding this year’s Annual Congress under these very spe­cial and unu­sual cir­cum­stances. We thank you for your unders­tan­ding and conti­nued rela­tion­ship with your business.