My Art is Pas­sion and Imagination. 

Sabeth Hol­land
Ate­lier N1
Fel­len­berg­strasse 65
CH-9000 St.Gallen
+41 78 656 77 85

With pig­ments, oils, gold, poly­ure­thane and so much more I create pain­tings, sculp­tures and concepts that are ins­pi­red by wild imagination.

Sabeth Hol­land works as a pain­ter and sculp­tor. She also deve­lops concepts for art in and on buil­dings, as well as installations.

The Swiss artist was born in 1959 and grew up in a hou­se­hold of artists in the Rhine Val­ley. There she was intro­du­ced to a varie­ty of art tech­niques from a young age on. After her gra­dua­tion she wor­ked as a tea­cher and star­ted a fami­ly. When her middle daugh­ter was born, she took up pain­ting again. Her first solo exhi­bi­tion took place in 1991.

A whole series of exhi­bi­tions and par­ti­ci­pa­tions in Europe, Ame­ri­ca and Asia fol­lo­wed since. She lives and works in St.Gallen and the neigh­bou­ring coun­tries. Her works include pain­tings, sculp­tures, ins­tal­la­tions, digi­tal art and art in and on buil­dings, as well as publi­cly com­mis­sio­ned pro­jects. These days Sabeth Holland’s works can be found in pri­vate and public col­lec­tions around the globe. Also her digi­tial inter­ven­tions stand out and the social media streng­then her brand.

Award win­ner Blauo­range, Coburg Art Socie­ty, Top ten nomi­nee, ZVAB Phoe­nix Art Award, Top 500 Art Web­sites, New York Art Maga­zine and mul­tiple com­pe­ti­tion winner.